Birthstone Zirconia necklace-Rose golden

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Color - 01Jan-Garnet Color
  •  Fashion & Romantic Design❤ The pendant's materials are hypoallergenic and have oxidation resistance.
  • UNIQUE HEART-SHAPE DESIGN❤ FCINOS 2022 double heart pendant necklaces symbolize love for each other, suitable as Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts for her/wife/girlfriend/women. The open heart necklace is engraved with “I love you for always and forever”, expressing love for mother, commitment to a loved one or friendship for a confidante.
  • Perfect Quality & Complete Certificates❤ In the center of the pendant, it is inlaid with a gem-quality 5A cubic zirconia. 5A cubic zirconia is the highest grade in zirconia, which is elaborately selected from the 3A zirconia, with accurate size and cutting, reflecting the dazzling light like a diamond. endant Size: 0.83”ⅹ1.02”. Zirconia Size: 0.3”ⅹ0.3”. Chain Length: 17.7”+2.7”. 
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  • THE 12-MONTH BIRTHDAY STONES ❤ There are 12 different colors of gemstones, corresponding to the birthstone of each month. You can choose the color according to the birth month. Or You can just choose the color you like.
  • January❤Legends say the garnet offers protection from nightmares and gives its wearer guidance in the night for those born in January. The red color of the gemstone symbolizes faith, love and courage. Wearing garnet can reportedly protect children from nightmares and can promote overall self-worth. Garnet protects the heart and lungs and increases energy levels.
  • February❤The amethyst gemstone represents royalty, passion and hope. This gem supposedly calms the spirit and give focus to all with February birthdays. Amethyst theoretically protects its wearers from drunkenness, arthritis and illness. Amethyst guards the mind and sets the wearer free from passion. Amethyst has the power to overcome difficulty and strengthen love relationships.
  • March❤In ancient times, people believed aquamarine, the traditional birthstone of March, protected seafarers in helping them clearly remember their loved ones when they were far away at sea. Wearing aquamarine promotes creativity, hope, self-expression and courage. Wear this gemstone to boost love, youth, good health and overall happiness. Aquamarine traditionally helps pregnant women, protecting both the mother and child from harm.
  • April❤Diamonds have been the traditional symbol of love since ancient Greece and the sparkling birthstone for April-born babies. This gemstone is the symbol of eternal love and courage. This gem protects its wearers from insanity. People believe diamonds increase energy, both positive and negative. They also treat dizziness and vertigo and can detoxify the body and cure allergies.
  • May❤Some believe that by wearing the vivid emerald gem, the symbol of May birthdays, you can cure specific ailments and will be able to see into the future. This birthstone promotes health, faithfulness, fertility and wealth. Emeralds also reportedly possess magical qualities that prevent illness. This gemstone detoxifies the liver and improves overall health and wellness, especially to heal from sinus infections and eye disorders.
  • June❤Alexandrite also correlates with June. It ranks alongside ruby, one of the world's most desirable gemstones. This gemstone treats nervous system disorders, as well as pancreatic and spleen disorders.
  • July❤The vivid gem of ruby is symbolic of July birthdays. The gemstones are supposed to protect against misfortune and allow their wearer to live in harmony with others. Rubies are red, which symbolizes strength and courage. They can support the emotional health of the wearer. Rubies encourage the removal of negative energies from your path and can treat exhaustion and lethargy.
  • August❤Historically, peridots bring courage, wealth, wisdom and purity to wearers with a birthday in August. The light green gemstone relieves stress and calms anger, as well as protecting the wearer from evil, negativity and black magic. Peridot boosts the immune system and improves skin quality.
  • September❤The popular imagination portrays the majestic sapphire gemstone as a symbol of truth and protection to those born in September. The blue sapphire gemstone brings success to all who wear it. Sapphires reduce pain and demonstrate purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty and serenity in the wearer. Sapphires also have a reputation for treating blood disorders and excessive bleeding.
  • October❤Ancient legends say the opal gemstone will soothe away sadness and envy for those with October birthdays. The tourmaline gem also represents the birth month of October with its resistance to breaking and scratching. Both opal and tourmaline gems possess healing and restorative qualities and are symbols of hope, innocence and creativity. Opals strengthen the wearer's memory and increase the will to live. Tourmaline can relieve stress and increase mental alertness.
  • November❤Citrine traditionally has a reputation for warding off evil thoughts and poisonous snakes. Today, the cheerful citrine, representative of November birthdays, brings success and prosperity to its wearers. Citrine improves intellect and removes negativity from the wearer. Topaz also complements the month of November with its shades of brown, orange and yellow. Both topaz and citrine promote health and wellness in the mind and body. They also protect their wearers from negative influences.
  • December❤Zircon provides the wearer with wisdom, honor and riches for those born in December. Turquoise also associates with December, bringing its wearer happiness and good fortune. Turquoise used to be an indicator of the wearer's ill health or danger because of the gemstone's ability to change color. Topaz brings good health and prevents headaches. All of the birthstones for December possess healing properties.